Cookie Policy

Our website uses cookies and other files similar to cookies to improve the quality of the website and the services provided to the user. A cookie consists of a small text file that a website sends to your computer to allow the website to store information that specifically identifies each of our Users.

By transferring these cookies, gives you a unique client code and a history locator. Editorial 8mm cookies do not collect or store identifiable personal data. Instead, the cookie stores a token that identifies, specifically, a specific user at a given time. The token is associated to the information of the user that is stored in our secure databases. The cookie also helps us to remember your past activities, to retain your account information and to present certain elements present on our website and special offers based on your interests and preferences.

The user can always delete cookies and configure their browser to refuse all cookies or to display a message each time a cookie is sent. If the user reconfigures his browser he may lose access to some of the features and characteristics of the website, and may not be able to benefit from all the features of the website.

This privacy protection policy covers the use of cookies and similar files by Editorial 8mm, not covering the use of cookies or similar files by third party companies or websites linked to our own website. Editorial 8mm does not exercise any control over cookies or over the action codes used by third party companies. Editorial 8mm does not receive any personal information collected by these advertisers when they use action codes and cookies, nor does it share personal information that they can identify, such as their name, their telephone number or their address, with these companies, except in cases covered by this privacy protection policy already mentioned.