Mi madre se ríe




In this self-portrait written on the burn, intensity and cruelty of everyday life, Chantal Akerman entrusts us for the first time with the very matter of his whole work, his life. From his first short film at the age of 18, Saute ma ville in 1968 and his first films Je, you, il, elle in 1974 or the memorable Jeanne Dielman in 1975 with Delphine Seyrig, until one of her lastfrom Conrad’s novel La Folie Almayer, past his installations and travel diaries, documentaries in Russia, New York or Eastern countries, never stopped describing confinement, repetition, confrontation with the other, the desire of the other party, the vertigo of madness. My mother laughs,it’s a wonderful immersion in the heart, laughter, joys and wounds of Chantal Akerman.

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Chantal Akerman


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