El cerco y el infinito. Escenarios del sentimiento en el cine del s. XXI


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El cerco y el infinito complements and extends Fantasmas y reflejos del siglo XXI. This book’s approach: reflect on how the different trajectories and scenarios of the manifestation of sentimental relationships are represented and analyzed in the cinema of the 21st century.

The narrative journey of this book begins with La duquesa de Langeais (2007), by Jacques Rivette, and ends with Sólo los amantes sobreviven (2013), by Jim Jarmusch. From contention to complicity. Their respective images, on the cover and at the end of the book, show the extreme contrast of the possible scenarios of the affective territory. Between distance and proximity, between the dress or the decoration of the representation and the embrace of the nakedness of bodies and emotions as a harmonious materialization of the accomplice union. Between the representation and the body, the conflict is resolved: a struggle, a pulse. Such pulse that it can turn an entanglement into achievement.

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Alexánder Zárate, Alexánder Zárate

Diseño de Portada





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